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Established as the official dealer of Pilkington Group UK in 1998, REKA  Otomotiv İç ve Dış Tıc A.Ş is a dynamic and competitive organization  that has been operating over twenty  years, thanks to the highly professional service and competitive prices it offers.

REKA  Otomotiv İç ve Dış Tıc A.Ş  began as a business to meet domestic requirements, however, today our business operations have been altered considerably.  Since its establishment, the company has been serving the automotive industry and professionals using its long-time experience, service and tremendous inventory with a constant growth.

Today, REKA  Otomotiv İç ve Dış Tıc A.Ş  is one among the key players in exportation of genuine auto spare parts worldwide and has got a long-lasting reputation and dignity in this field.

Our extensive product portfolio covers a varied range of genuine spare parts of well-known auto brands, such as RENAULT, PEUGEOT, CITROEN, FORD, FIAT, MERCEDES, VOLKSWAGEN and OPEL/CHEVROLET with potential, satisfied customers in 25 countries in North Africa, South America, Asia and Europe.

Apart from the selected suppliers from all over the world with outstanding references, the ‘preferred partner’ status has been given to the  REKA  Otomotiv İç ve Dış Tıc A.Ş  by the official dealers of above mentioned car brands in Turkey, is what our team takes great pride in.

We’ve reached this level through delivering both supplier and customer satisfaction and through a professional approach to business development and business sustainability that sets us apart from most other players in the region, since we offer complete automotive solutions for passenger cars.

That’s why we look at the future with great yet objective ambition and are exploring new markets year after year with the ultimate goal of having our satisfied suppliers and customers join us through this journey of progress.

We thank all of our Customers and Suppliers for their valuable patronage during these years which makes it possible to offer our best services and products at all times!!!